Terms & Conditions

1. ALIKE Translation Services is the company brand name and Logo, which provides Certified translations from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese. Located at 5, North Bank, Castleforbes Road, Dublin, Postcode D01FK51, Republic of Ireland.
2. We guarantee that all our translated documents are registered and certified with all the legal requirements and accepted by all the legal authorities in the Republic of Ireland (Civil Registration Service Office, Embassies, Immigration Office INIS, and all private and public educational Institutions), Denmark (Civil Registration Office) and Europe (Legal authorities and private and public sectors). In the unlikely event of any of our translated document be rejected by any business or relevant authority, we will provide our customers with a full refund of the cost of the translation and fees paid. Although, for our information base, we will request our customers to provide in writing the reasons why the translation was rejected, signed and dated. Our liability will be limited to the amount paid for the translation, and we will cover any liability for extra costs caused as a result of any rejection.
3. Delivery date agreed on quotation form will be settled as the final delivery date. The document(s) will be ready for review of details on that day of delivery at 12:00 pm. It’s your responsibility to review all the details as soon as possible and reply to the email with a confirmation, so your document(s) can be sent for registration and printing. Document(s) will be ready in 2 hours for delivery or collection after we receive your confirmation.
4. Our price quotations are based on 1º) – on examining the number of pages, words, and complexity of the document(s), on estimation of time and effort required to complete the service, 2º) – on the availability of our translators, 3º) – the urgency of the document delivery, 4º) – Fast delivery (24 hours) can be requested depending on the size of the document(s), quotation based requirements, plus a fee of 10 euros will be added to the final price.
5. Our certified translators work from all over the world. You might receive emails at any time during day or night, depending on the time zone difference, while your job is getting done if we request any information about your document(s).
6. To request a Facetime/Skype calls directly with our translators about your service, while it’s getting done, you will need to arrange it directly with the main office in Dublin during our working hours in the Republic of Ireland by email: aliketranslations@outlook.com or contact numbers provided.
7. We will not accept responsibility on document delays if we are unable to deliver due to errors in email addresses, postal addresses or telephone numbers provided by you.
8. By accepting the delivery date and requesting the service, you will be agreeing with our terms and conditions
9. Our services are mainly done online and directly with our customers.
10. ALIKE Translations Services may work with contractors companies in some cases.
11. The office address is only to collect originals document(s), delivery document(s) copies, receive and process cash payment, request second copies of originals, and general deliveries.

Privacy Policy

1. Using our service requires sending documents to our email and providing us with your contact details and in some cases payment details. We understand that this is sensitive information, and will not use any of it for any purpose other than providing the service.
2. We may use the services of third parties to provide our services. In particular, we use PayPal for payment processing. Please refer to their respective privacy policies. In some cases, we may also use the services of independent translators and interpreters. Any work that we outsource will be subject to our Non-Disclosure Agreement, requiring strict data security and confidentiality. Please contact us if you wish to receive a copy of this agreement.
3. We use strong SSL encryption wherever possible.
4. If despite our best efforts, security and/or confidentiality breaches do occur, we will do our best to rectify this as soon as possible. We will however not be able to accept any liability for any costs incurred.